Tomatoes there yesterday- gone today-hornworms

It rained here in Lucas, Texas for over a week straight. Not that I am complaining- I happen to love the rain.

No gardening was done during that week so when it stopped raining and I went out to check on the tomato "crop" it was gone...literally nothing left but stems.

Seems that while the rain came in so did the Horn worms- After putting on gloves and carefully taking off each one- last count was 18- they were all placed into a bucket covered in netting until research could be done....

Come to find out they are the caterpillars for the hummingbird butterfly. I found a great site for how to collect the caterpillars, feed them, then leave them alone to turn into the butterflies (moths) in about two weeks. The caterpillars are HUGE- they can get up to 4 inches long.- Very Cool! So now instead of growing tomatoes...we are growing butterflies