Fabric Scrap Color Wheel Exercise

I made this mini art quilt after reading the book Art Doll Adventures by Lisa Li Hertzi. In the book she suggests a creativity exercise called "Make A Fabric-Scrap Color Wheel"

Want to Play House- Artist Trading Cards Exchange

A few months ago I read an article in Sew Somerset about a house that was made from Artist Trading Cards- it was so cool we had to swap it in our postcard exchange group. We have 8 people in our group so we each will mail three windows, make a door to keep and I made a roof for each person in the group. Looking forward to seeing all the different houses everyone makes. Will post photo's of mine when all the ATC's arrive.

Postcards from the Edge

Postcards from the Edge Exchange

These are the postcards that I made to trade. The base is an awesome lime green fabric that has newspaper print on it. Then I used different decorative stitches to attach the salvage edges of fabrics.

Antique Postcard Quilt Challenge - Quilters Connection

Thanks to my friend Vicki the "Wish You Were Here...A vintage postcard quilt" was born. Vicki, who always knows everything that is going on the quilt community told me about Quilters Connection Challenge.

Quilters Connection of Dallas issued a challenge to make a quilt that was a minimum on 36" X 36", using any technique, with at least half of the top made from a black toile fabric from the fabric line Traditions by Sentimental Studios for Moda Fabrics. We could pick up the fabric and entry forms the first week in August first and it has to be turned in by August 30th. The quilt show will be in their shop from Sept 1-6 and viewers choice will determine the winners.

How could I not enter a quilt...moda has awesome fabrics, the fabric is a black toile POSTCARD and have another opportunity to use up some more of the goodies that came from the Houston Quilt Show. The Houston Quilt Show basket is getting smaller by the week.

This quilt was really fun to work on. From far away it looks like an appliqe Christmas quilt but when you are closer you can see stamped and tea stained "vintage" postcards with actual 1cent stamps. Little Debbie Mum postage stamps were sewn into the corners of the postcards, and Tsukineko inks were used to color in all the berries. Vintage photos behind plastic with little buttons, beads and trims. Vintage lace, rick rack and buttons also adorn the quilt. My favorite photo is on the bottom right. It is of a baby in a little carrage under the plastic are some tiny, tiny buttons and tiny, tiny pins that were given to me by mom that were in Nana's sewing box.

Houston Quilt Show- Lots of Awesome Creative Arts Classes

I am so excited I can't stand it!!! My registration for the Houston International Quilt show arrived today....You would have thought it was Christmas. Mom and I started the tradition of going to the Houston Quilt show last year. It is so hard to book reasonable hotel rooms we booked last year for this year. My mission at the quilt show is easy...take classes that are not available locally and buy fabric, embellishments etc that are also not available locally. The focus is usually on purchasing "basic" kits to make one of something. Figure after making one if I wanted more it can always be ordered later online.

Okay so here are my 2008 Houston Quilt Show Classes...so excited that typing is hard..

Unabashed Free-Motion Quilting and Use of Specialty Threads by Wendy Butler Berns http://www.wendybutlerberns.com/

Everything You Wanted To Know About Needle Felting by Barbara Crawford.

The Emotion of Color by Hollis Chatelain

Creative Photography for Quilt Composition by Esterita Austin

Mixed Media Miscellany #1- this class I am most excited about. You go into a huge room and each artist has a table set up and talks about their topic.
Christina Adams- Pattern & Paint Play
Esteria Austin - Ramp Up Your Creativity with Fusible Magic
Patt Blair - Drawing and Painting for People who do not Draw or Paint!
Jackie Clark & Tamara Gonzales - Timeless Texture with Crochet Applique
Dena Crain "Spirit Works" Painted Art Quilts
Barbara Crawford A Hands On Mish Mosh of Needlefelting Techniques
Lenore Crawford - Fusing, Appliqueing and Fabric Painting to Create a Masterpiece
Noriko Endo - Confetti Naturescapes
Lisa Engelbrecht - Cool Marks on Fabric with Cool Tools
Marlene Glickman - Fine Line Foils
Valerie Hearder - Guilding the Lily
Marilyn Huskamp - Fiber Fusion Frenzy
Tracy Lyn Huskamp - Painted Fabrics of Nature
Katie Kendrick - Collage Painted Pages
Lyric Kinard - Carvin it Up
Carole Lane Saber - Ribbon Origami Diamonds
Janet Lasher - Encaustic Collage on Paper
Billie Lauder - Luggage Tags
Susie Monday - Inspiration Deck
Diane Ricks - Art Felting Making with Water Soluble Stabilizer
Janet Stauffacher - Antiquing Velvet Ribbon
Maggie Weiss - Painting Luscious Layers
Kristal Wick - Leather Eyelet Beads

Going Au Naturel with the Naked Quilter by Rachele Fisher

Contemporary, Avant-Garde, Classic Wearables! by Starr Hagenbring

Mixed Media Miscellany #2- Wicked excited about this one too!
Christine Adams—Discover Lazertran Silk
Esterita Austin—Mixed Media Fusion
Brett Barker—Zooming In: I’m Ready for MyClose-up!
Traci Bautista—Graffiti Bouquet
Karen Carruthers—Candy Making at Home
June Colburn—Hand Beaded Embellishment onSilk Screened Designs
Dena Crain—“Spirit Works” Painted Art Quilts
Ginny Eckley—Silk-Screening
Marlene Glickman—Funky Fiber Friends
Diane Herbort—Vintage-Look Photocopy Transfer Using Disperse Dye
Pam Holland—Quilted Cards to Warm the Heart
Marylin Huskamp—Fiber Fusion Frenzy
Tracie Lyn Huskamp—Painted Fabrics ofNature (Flora and Fauna Inspired)
Katie Kendrick—Collaged and Painted Pages
Lyric M. Kinard—Carvin’ It Up
Janet A. Lasher—Caustic Collage on Paper
Susie Monday—Mapping Your Creative Journey
Jenny Raymond—Confetti Fabric
Tricia Quirk Spitzmueller—Button Up!
Katrina Walker—Fabric Creation ThroughNeedle Felting
Beth Wheeler—Mixed Media Bookmark

Paste Paper Colors and Patterns on Fabric by Lisa Englbrecht

Blue Quilters Trading Cards - QTC

Blue QTC- Quilters trading cards I made to exchange with postcard pizzazz. They are made from quilted fabrics.

Fiber Girls- Fiber Exchange

The fiber girls I made to exchange with. Postcard Pizzazz. The girls were hand drawn, then made into a plastic template. I traced the template onto card stock to make the paper dolls. Then wrapped 3 yards of different yarns/fibers and added a little charm. Hope everyone who exchanges with me likes their new fiber gals.

Green ATC or QTC Silk and Stamped Cards

Green ATC or QTC depending on what you want to call them. The cards are 3 1/2 x 2 1/2".

Each card was made with a variegated green silk fabric base. To that a vintage green ribbon and beads were hand sewn on. Then each card was stamped with the word "Green" with pine Fabrico craft ink. The back of the ATC is stamped and then the edges were finished by setting my Husqvarna Viking Designer SE 4.5 width and 2.0 length with the zig zag stitch. You can set the stitch to a 0 and it is really close together but I like the rough looking edge where the silk fabric shows through.

These were made to trade with postcard pizzazz

1 Year Anniversary Postcard Pizzazz

Postcard Pizzazz - my yahoo postcard exchange group will celebrate its one year anniversary on August 25th!

Threads of Friendship Fabric Postcards

Two threads of friendship fabric postcards made by pinweaving fibers.