Day 3 close up art quilt

Day 3 art quilt

All the base fabric is now on. Darkened some areas with inks, and water color pencils. Made glasses look more real with melted tulle under the frames. 7 hrs (22 hours)

Up close art quilt day 2

Dads quilt day 2

Refined some of the shadows and working on details around eyes and mouth. 7 hours (15 total)

Art quilt of dad

End of day 1.
Photo refined from original. Pattern made. Got majority of base down-8 hours

Pumpkin pillows

Peanut butter cups- homemade.

Hershey's watch out! These are yummy!

Merry Christmas wool rug

Online Survey Companies

Thought this might be a way to make a little extra holiday cash- taking online surveys.

Made a list on our family website at Online Survey Companies
Let me know if any worked well for you. I will post ones I am successful with.


Landscaping trees Texas

Butterflies have all hatched

We "caught" the most beautiful caterpillers on our parsley and fennel
plants. These are the butterflies.

Casting for TLC "Home Made Simple"

Hi Allison,
I stumbled across your page as I was searching for Dallas sites. We are looking for families in the Dallas area, could you post this for your members? Or even consider it yourself. If you have any questions, give me a call. Thank you!

I am casting women for TLC's exciting home show, "Home Made Simple"! I am looking for married couples who own their house and would like for our chef, decorator, and handyman to spruce up their home.

Below is the casting call info.

If you could post it in your group that would be great!
Thank you!
Tai Hanson
Discovery Studios Casting Associate 310-734-3455

Do you own your own house and need to make it feel more like HOME? Casting married couples who want their home to reflect their lifestyle. If you want to add more style and comfort to your home and don't know where to start, then this is the hit home show for you! TLC's "Home Made Simple" is now casting its 7th season and looking to help families tackle their domestic challenges. Our expert chef, designer, and handyman will help you create easy living by sprucing up d├ęcor, tackling simple handyman projects, and creating quick, easy meals for the family!

EMAIL your name, contact number, and picture to

Tai HansonCasting Associate "Home Made Simple"Discovery Studios 962 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069(310)734-3455

If you have questions/concerns, please contact our casting director Chad Hillman at

Huge strawberries

Well strawberries are officially in season. Look at the size of these.

May Rainbow in Lucas

Crow Flock Lucas Texas

A huge flock of crows flew in and feasted on our freshly cut yard. I
have never seen so many large black birds in my life. A few got close
to the back window. They were as large as Benjamin.

Does Mary look like me

Does Mary look like me? My uncle just emaile this photo of me that he found. Think I was close to Mary's age when it was taken, maybe a little younger.

Photo of Mary at Christmas

Birthday Breakfast

This is the wonderful breakfast in bed mykids made me for my birthday.

Our first Lucas snake

Alba mushrooms

Wow these must be amazing for $24.99 per pound. Will be sticking to my
white bottom mushrooms $3.99 lb.

Double Rainbow- Lucas Texas

Drew took this photo on Monday, early evening in our back yard.

Piano man

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Randy song 2

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Brian singing

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Randy birthday

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The Making Of Frosty The Snow Man

It all begins with a little Texas Snow

Kids are proud of their snowman

Winter Activities in Lucas Texas

Snow in Lucas does not stop the birds from eating breakfast

It's okay to love your dog

But not LOVE.... Your dog!

Crating dogs

Guess I could have saved myself the cost of Orsons crate.

Freezing in North Texas

Puppy BFF

Orson and Benjamin have really become BFF.