Hot air balloon in back yard

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It's a Boy

Ice cream after musical

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Help Preserve- Heard Wildlife Sanctuary - please read PETITION

The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is an asset to North Texas, Texas and to keeping our country GREEN!!!

We need to ban together to show big business that they cannot literally bull doze our natural resources (soon we will have few or none left in the United States and across the world). Big businesses need to know that the all mighty dollar will not help them after they have killed all the birds and wildlife, cut down precious trees, contaminated fresh water sources all so they can run some more water lines and make more money for them selves. I guarantee they are not donating the extra profits made from damaging our natural resources to rebuilding them. The fat cats at the top are taking extra vacations or buying new cars......okay enough of my rant!

The North Texas Municipal Water district is suing the Heard for eminent domain. They want to put a 3,500 foot long, 42 inch diameter sewage line through the sanctuary prairie land and underneath the wetlands. They would also impact land of a total of 110 feet wide along the length of the 3,500 foot sewage line for accommodation of construction vehicles.

Please read the article posted on Heard's website and consider signing the petition.

Maddie's Art on display at Hart Elementary

Santa Melon Art Quilt

Mrs. Ramos door

Mary's classroom door decorated I for winter.