Comfortable Thong Fabic Postcard

From the oxymoron exchange.

Snow man postcards

Ice cream cone pin cushion

More Gingerbread House Party Photo's

Liz and Maddie

Marty's House

Drew and William's Houses

Maddie's House

Mary and Jenny Houses

Drew and William's Houses

Liz House

Jenny with Bunny Benjamin


Gingerbread House and Marty the Magician

Marty in Front of the "Woodland Fantasy" Christmas Tree

Liz and Mary Getting Ready to Make Gingerbread Houses

Liz working on her gingerbread house

Nana helping to melt chocolate.

Randy, Marty, Allison & Maddie

The "gang" watching Marty the Magician

Marty making William look silly

The bounce house to burn off the sugar!

Me with my santa hat off- yes my hair looks lovely.

Randy and Mary

Maddie with her bunny balloon the Marty made

Aubrie and Marty making a bunny appear

Drew, Marty, Mary & Maddie

William, Drew & Mom aka Nana

The gingerbread houses

Drew, Mary, Marty & Maddie

Maddie in front of her gingerbread house

Marty making balloons with the Ray family

Marty poking fun with William

Drew, Marty the Magician and Adam

Gingerbread party 2009- Photos Part 1

How it all Starts!


William, Drew & Kennedy

Liz and Kennedy

Jenny, Adam & Mary

Dad, Marty & Adam

Aubrie, Benjamin & Doug

Adam and Mary

Mary eating away

Maddie eating as much as she decorates

Maddie dipping in for more chocolate.

Bounce house to bounce off some sugar.

Thankful for Dog Fabric Postcard

Tyvek Embroidered Postcards

Open Studios - Houston Quilt Show Photos

The highlight of the Houston Quilt Show 2008 for me was to be able to participate in Open Studios. I met so many wonderful artists including Patricia (Pokey) Bolton Editor-in-Chief of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts Magazine.

When an artist participates in open studios they set up some samples at a table and work on a project. Then quilt show attendees come up to visit. I learned so much from all the ladies that came by and visited. Each had something to share about their creative process and the art they create. It was an amazing opportunity to talk with people from all over the world. I am so grateful for being able to participate.

Open Studios Sign- my mom insisted that I take a photo since it had my name on it. Of course you can't see in in the photo...but never argue with mom..right?

Deborah Boschert a Dallas Area Fiber Artists Member and wonderful artist! It was great to see Deborah at the Houston Quilt Show.

Randy ben