Hot air balloon in back yard

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It's a Boy

Ice cream after musical

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Help Preserve- Heard Wildlife Sanctuary - please read PETITION

The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is an asset to North Texas, Texas and to keeping our country GREEN!!!

We need to ban together to show big business that they cannot literally bull doze our natural resources (soon we will have few or none left in the United States and across the world). Big businesses need to know that the all mighty dollar will not help them after they have killed all the birds and wildlife, cut down precious trees, contaminated fresh water sources all so they can run some more water lines and make more money for them selves. I guarantee they are not donating the extra profits made from damaging our natural resources to rebuilding them. The fat cats at the top are taking extra vacations or buying new cars......okay enough of my rant!

The North Texas Municipal Water district is suing the Heard for eminent domain. They want to put a 3,500 foot long, 42 inch diameter sewage line through the sanctuary prairie land and underneath the wetlands. They would also impact land of a total of 110 feet wide along the length of the 3,500 foot sewage line for accommodation of construction vehicles.

Please read the article posted on Heard's website and consider signing the petition.

Maddie's Art on display at Hart Elementary

Santa Melon Art Quilt

Mrs. Ramos door

Mary's classroom door decorated I for winter.

Colors of autumn book page

Lucas grown peppers

Picked these little babies yesterday

Shades of Autumn

Fiber book page

Horizontal Composition Postcard

Geometric Postcards

Color Wheel Postcards- Double Split Complement

Homemade Organic Donuts

Vertical Composition Postcards

Twins with dinosaurs at Heard Museum

Mary "acting" with the dinosaur. What is really funny about the video, is not Mary's acting but how in the corner of the camera you can see Maddie running up to Poppy to tell him that she has figured out how they "the engineers" make the dinosaurs have sound. She is so wicked smart.

Mary Being Eaten By Dinosaur Video

Silly videos we took during our walk at the Heard Museum in McKinney.

Mary being eaten by dinosaur.

Animal & Nature Photos from Heard Museum

Wild flowers in the parking lot.

Cool pods growing on a tree in the garden.

Huge old tree- There are so many beautiful trees, you could spend all day taking photos of them.

Leaf that turned color- you do not see much of that here in Texas.

Snake on exhibit- it is behind glass.

Huge spider- also behind glass.

Tiny-tiny babies- had to zoom in to get the photo. They were just darling to watch.

Heard Nature Trails Dinosaurs Alive Exhibit

The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas has life-sized animatronic dinosaurs along Heard's nature trails (ends January 31). What a fun place! You can casually (depending on how many kids you are watching) walk through the trails, visit the garden and butterfly exhibit, animals of the world all outside. Inside there are wonderful exhibits.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Love this photo- Mary, Maddie and I are sitting on the dinosaur with this little boy bent over looking into its mouth. He was a bit nervous and trying to figure it all out.

Me and Mary

Mary showing off to see who's mouth is bigger....Hummmm?

Mary and Maddie climbing on a dinosaur tail

Allosaurus- this was the first one on the trail. It caught Mary off guard when it moved and made noise.
My, what big teeth you have.
Poppy "terrified" of Acrocanthosaurus

Texas Recycles Week- Hart Elementary- Lucas, Texas

I went up to the school late Friday afternoon to decorate Mrs. Ramos (Mary's Teacher) door. This week is Texas Recycles Week November 9-13, 2009
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Annual Book Swap- bring one or more gently used books on these days and pick out one book on Friday.
Thursday: Wear GREEN!
Friday: Waste-Free Lunch- use all reusable containers

Maddie and Mary in the Garden

Maddie and Mary getting to know the giant grasshopper.

Mary and Grasshopper

Mary not quite sure about the grasshopper. She liked him when he was on the ground- not so much when he jumps onto her favorite red dress.

Mary and Maddie Getting Poppy Ready for Halloween

Maddie and Mary putting on face paint to go out trick-or-treating.

Mary helping Poppy paint his face. Maddie wanted to play X-Box instead.

Mary working hard to get everything to stick to dad's face...Maddie still playing X-Box...

Mary has one end of a pencil jabbed into dad's forehead and is about to stick the other end in...Maddie comes down for a snack.

Mary making faces while zombie Poppy tries to eat her up.

They had a blast trick-or-treating with dad. We were so grateful that the girls could go there and have fun.

Drew, Randy and I stayed home at our house to pass out candy and watch movies. It turned into EAT candy and watch movies...we did not have even one trick or treater this year...Man do we have a lot of candy to eat!!! Not the best time for our dentist to close his practice and join the military.

Boo Bash in Wylie at Eerie Books

Mary passing out candy and waiving to all the kids. Maddie showing off her new glow in the dark green teeth and eating lots of candy.

Mary hoping the party will start soon- we had about 8,000 kids come by before the night was over and Mary talked to every single one of them.

Drew working hard to pass out candy...

Me...passing out some candy...eating some candy

Randy's Book Store In the News

The Dallas Morning News- Neighbors Go Wylie,Sachse had a great article about Randy's store- Eerie Books

Organic Flowers In Lucas Texas- Finally have a name

Shortly after moving into our house, Drew and I found some seed packages on clearance and picked them up.

We have been taking photos of the wild flowers growing in our flower beds. They were from a wildflower "mix". Yesterday the Wildseed Farms catalog Arrived- sure enough all our flowers were in there.

Ladybird Dwarf Gold
Cosmos Psycho White

Split Complementary Strata

My first try using Marilyn Dohney's tool.
Going to use it for postcards.

Favorite technique postcards

Favorite Technique postcards for Postmarked Art Round 9

I made about 20 of these postcards during a retreat in the spring. These were from an article in a magazine where you make an art quilt by layering 3-4 fabrics and then cut away at the layers to reveal what is under. It was a lot of fun. I made quite a large piece then cut it down to make a few book pages and series of postcards. Would recommend using a few layers of tulle or other fiber to add some interest.

Linda Poole Houston Quilt Show

Telling your story with quilts. Sorts like journal quilts but larger
and more detail on each quilt about the quilter. Uses novelty fabrics
to tell story.

Esteria Austin Dimensional Effects on Quilts

Esteria Austin Teaching Houston Quilt Show

Esteria Austin at Houston Quilt Show

Atc trade Houston Quilt Show

The cards have been amazing again this year! Will post photos of the
ones I traded for soon.