Mary and Maddie Getting Poppy Ready for Halloween

Maddie and Mary putting on face paint to go out trick-or-treating.

Mary helping Poppy paint his face. Maddie wanted to play X-Box instead.

Mary working hard to get everything to stick to dad's face...Maddie still playing X-Box...

Mary has one end of a pencil jabbed into dad's forehead and is about to stick the other end in...Maddie comes down for a snack.

Mary making faces while zombie Poppy tries to eat her up.

They had a blast trick-or-treating with dad. We were so grateful that the girls could go there and have fun.

Drew, Randy and I stayed home at our house to pass out candy and watch movies. It turned into EAT candy and watch movies...we did not have even one trick or treater this year...Man do we have a lot of candy to eat!!! Not the best time for our dentist to close his practice and join the military.