Button Gal at Houston Quilt Show

Thought she looked adorable.

Sewing machine hat at Houston quilt show

The people selling featherweight machines were all dressed up for

Make it University Houston Quilt Show

Fabric I made at make it u. Wicked fun! And best of all it smelled

Wendy Butler Berns Houston Quilt show

Just finished Wendy's unabashed free motion quilting and use of
specialty threads class.

She is an AWESOME teacher! She had some fantastic tips.

Suzie and Mara Mermaid arrive at the Houston Quilt Show

Eerie Book Store - Wylie Texas - Grand Opening Photos

Randy with first customers

Mary and Papa Bill reading a scary book

Store before the doors opened

Eerie Books Grand Opening Sign

Beaded Pin From Houston Quilt Show

I bought this pin kit last year at the houston quilt show. This was my first attempt at making beaded pins. I was pretty easy to make.

Sweet treats fabric postcards

Sweet Treat Postcards made for Amy and Janet in Postcard Pizzazz.

Quilted Key Chains

Free motion quilted keychains. The center of the flower was made with Husqvarna Vikings New Yarn Couching foot set. It looks really cool in person. Gives it a lot of texture.

Fabric Postcards with Hand-dyed Fabrics

Fabric ATC made to trade at Houston Quilt Show

Red Felted ATC "Art Girl" Left Over

Holiday Wreath ATC

Silly Halloween ATC

Could not resist making a few fabric ATC to trade at the Houston Quilt Show. They are more whimsical that I usually make but you have to go with what the muse dictates.

Felt Flower Bag

I love the quilt shop in Lewisville Texas, Quilt Country. Several months back I was able to sneak over there with Randy. They carry ArtGirlz goodies and I bought a black felted bag that was just begging to be embellished.
I used some pre-made felted flowers and leaves and then also made some dimensional flowers with a felting tool by clover- it took a few tries to get the flowers like I wanted them but now I am a pro...LOL

I felted the flowers and embellished the bag in the car on the way to Husqvarna Viking Sew Fest in Kansas City.

Found Objects Mixed Media Postcards

Mixed media found objects fabric postcards made for two friends at Postcard Pizzazz group. The challenge was to make postcards with items that we "found"

Name Tag and Frieda Anderson Quilt

Name Badge Holder I made with left over hand-dyed Frieda Anderson fabric to wear to Husqvarna Viking Sew Fest and to the Houston International Quilt Show.

My Frieda Anderson workshop quilt in progress.

Suzie at Eerie Book Store Opening

Suzie with Randy at Eerie Book Store Opening. Suzie loves to read horror books- her favorite author is Steven King. She gets a little scared watching the horror dvd's like SAW. Suzie kept her little purse over her face.

Benjamin the Chihuahua

Benjamin in his trick or treat sweater.

Suzie at the Birmingham elementary science fair

Suzie learning how bottles sound differently when they have more or less water in them. Suzie and Maddie really enjoyed the Birmingham Elementary Science Fair.

Suzie Visits the Garland Quilt Guild Tea Party

Suzie at tea party

Suzie and me at the tea party

mom at the tea party

Today was our Garland Quilt Guild Tea Party. It was too much fun. We all ate the most wonderful tasting finger foods and played some fun games. Suzie went with mom and I. She liked the little lemon cake the best.

Dallas Quilt Show Postcard - Ilse Mitchell

Thanks to Ilse for sending us this wonderful fabric postcard from Kentucky's Blue Grass Region!

Suzie QTC - Play's Monopoly at McDonalds

Suzy QTC - Playing monopoly at McDonald's while Drew and I enjoyed our weekly mommy and me breakfast. Suzy won a free breakfast and is very excited about winning big money collecting monopoly tickets.

Suzie QTC - Flat Doll Goes to Parent Teacher Night

Suzie at Madeline and Mary's parent teacher night at Birmingham Elementary in Wylie, Texas

Suzie QTC- Flat Doll Adventures- Travel Journal

Suzie QTC was made for me by a very dear friend and artist Barbara Linzey. We are swaping "flat-stanley" style dolls and taking them on adventures.

Suzie QTC is from Virginia.

She loves making postcards and quilting. Her latest thing is pounding flowers (look in her pink bag).

In September her friend Abby Lane and she went to Staunton, Virginia and went on the Quilts- Past, Present and Future Tour. They also visited the wharf and the Beverly Street Studio. All the stairs had quilts old and new on display. They even stopped at the Banana Split for a bowl of Ice Cream.

Road Trip to Husqvarna Viking Sew Fest- Bob's Junk

Last week was Husqvarna Viking's Sew Fest in Kansas City. Randy has a friend who lives there so we figured we'd drive and enjoy some time away from the kids and do a little business at the same time.

While driving through Oklahoma Randy had to pull the truck on into "Bob's Junk". It was a "found" embellishers dream. Not only was everything dirt cheap- literally. No one worked there...you stuffed your money into a pay bucket.

I picked up several goodies including a huge bone and 3 ft long gourd for drew.

Eerie Books in Wylie Texas Grand Opening

Ever since I have know my husband he's wanted to open a book/collectibles store. Randy always has a book with him or is reading books online. Not to my surprise at all, he decided to open up a bookstore in Wylie, Texas where we live.

The bookstore's name is Eerie Books and Collectibles and will be located on 205 N. Ballard Street, Wylie, Texas. The bookstore has a website at www.eeriebooks.com

The grand opening will be on Saturday, October 18, 2008 from 10 am to 6pm. If you live locally, please stop by. I'll post photos after the big day.

Open Studios in Make It University Houston Quilt Show

It would be impossible to be any more excited than I am. You would have thought that I won the lottery by the excitement after reading "THE" email!

You- the royal you- after submitting articles, art, etc...to every publication that will allow you to. Get so used to opening up very polite decline letters and emails that when "THE" email comes in and you are accepted..well the thought of all the million No's to get a yes blow away like a nice fall breeze.

My YES email came yesterday. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Barbara Delaney, Assistant Editor, QUILTING ARTS MAGAZINE® and CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS®

I will be one of the artists sharing their fiber arts in the Open Studios as part of the Make It University at the Houston International Quilt Show. Please stop by and visit me on Sunday November 2, 2008, from 1:30 to 3:30

See you in Houston!