Here comes the storm!

The snails have arrived

My driveway edges are full of snails, some large and some tiny,

I love the farm!

Tadpoles in the pond

We were very excited to find these little babies out frond in the
"pond" after the last rain fall.

Soon we will hear, them croaking at night.

Love the farm!

Organic Food Coupons mentioned in Living Green Magazine

I have been sewing, more specifically, taking lessons to learn how to tailor shorts for my husband for most of the week. Learning how to make shorts and clothing look professional and not homemade is very challenging. Very do-able if you know all the little tips.

Anyways- my point is that I have not been online. After reading favorite blogs today, I was so excited to find that in one of my FAVORITE magazines online, Living Green Magazine, included our families website as a resource to find organic food coupons. Special thanks to Richard Kujawski who wrote the article and included our site.

If you are not familiar with Living Green online magazine, it is awesome and a must read for people interested in sustainable choices, eco-friendly, organic living lifestyles. The online magazine has wonderful ideas to help make eco-friendly choices and how to make them affordable.

Most people I know want to live green and reduce their footprint, but it does cost more then shopping at superstores the ship food in cheap from all over the world. It does take some planning to be able to live green and not spend all your green...

Money does grow on trees

A humor postcard exchange.

Lucas Texas May 2, 2009 Storm

Okay- now I understand why you have culverts in the country. This was our first storm in Lucas. Sitting working on my new organic food coupons website and the power goes out and the sky opens up with a rain, wind and lightening. Really spooky!

Standing on the front porch facing where my drive way should be but it is covered with rushing water.

Facing out from the front door the water is rushing across the front yard and in the culvert.

The new rolling rapids river that has developed across the back of our yard. Photo taken from the balcony.

On top balcony looking toward the neighbors yard. It is almost completely flooded.

Neighbors yard.

Taken right after the storm passed of the rivers crossing in the front of my yard.

My front yard right after the storm taken from a upstairs window.

Winged Things A Series of Fabric Postcards

Made this series to exchange with Postmarked Art group. Each postcard is different but they are all made with the same basic materials. The base of the postcards is a bright aqua batik with a green butterfly free motion stitched. The next layers are either a butterfly on a white sheer fabric or a butterfly on dark blue sheer fabric. Then dragon fly stencils were added. The back has a little girl pixi stenciled on it.