Texas Toad Makes a home in Lucas

Every morning for about a month now when I go out to water my patio garden there is a hole inside one of the flower pots. It is a good sized hole so I have been really curious about what was making it.

Yesterday we found out...

The toad is still there today in the pot- in a new position today and I did see it out of the pot around 5am this morning.

For some reason this toad has decided that our patio is its new home. "Freddie" or "Fredina" is welcome to say for as long as it wants too. The kids love to look at it but are under strict orders not to go near the pot and under no circumstances are they to touch the toad. From what I have read online the Texas Toad breeds in September and sometimes uses man made ditches. And that they are know for burrowing and flattening themselves out to not be seen. The toad is quite large my best guess is between 2 1/2 to 3 inches.