Compositon Studies - Art Quilts

In the book "Color and Composition" it talks about the basic principals of design layouts. I thought it would be fun to make a small journal quilt to hand in my studio for each of the principals. Each of the finished design mini have been/will be made using left over scraps from the other exercises in the book (waste not want not).

These are the three I have made so far. Some day when the series is complete they will be quilted and bound- not sure it they will be individual or all one piece? Since this series is not about color but about design- I plan to use the complimentary color for the bulk of the scraps to make the design stand out.
If I have not said before in previous posts- I highly recommend this book for any fiber artist beginning or experienced that wants to really refine their skills. Not only are the photos inspiring but the exercises and ideas are practical and creative. You are not making someone else's quilt designs with their colors- instead you are using your photos and imagination to design patterns and then select colors.

Vertical Compositon

Diagonal Composition

Radiating Composition