Texas Quiltworks Challenge Quilt

Well here it is.  My "big girl quilt" that I made for the Texas Quiltworks challenge.  The shop posted a challenge in January where we had to purchase 2 yards of their "mystery" fabric and from that we were suppose to make a quilt (with other fabrics added of course).  The mystery fabric was supposed to be a main fabric in the quilt top.  The quilt also had to be quilted and bound.  

I called this my "big girl" quilt because it is the first good sized quilt ( I prefer to make art quilts and smaller wall hangings) that I pieced, quilted and bound myself.  It is not perfect but it was fun to make and I learned a lot about what to do and not to do next time.  I am really proud of the binding and piecing but not so proud of the actual quilting.  I used the fusible batting, pins and started from the center and worked my way out, but I still had some puckering. But with practice everything gets better.  

Found some really great fabric at hancock fabrics on clearance that will be perfect for practice.  I am going to make some quilt sandwiches and practice with those.  I think also when I practice I will use my quilt pounce with an easier stencil until I master that then move to a more detailed one.  Live and learn...but at least I tried.