Houston International Quilt Show Kits

OHHH the 2008 Houston International Quilt Show brochure arrived yesterday...Yay! After reading it cover to cover many times, mom and I registered for our classes. Very Exciting- we went last year and had soooo much fun. Even though we live just outside of Dallas, this area of North Texas does not really have any shops that specialize in mixed-media or art quilting. The closest shop is in Lewisville (about a hour away each way). So I am embarrassed to say that I went a little crazy buying art quilting kits and supplies that I had NEVER seen before and was afraid I would not see again in my area.

BUT I still have a basket of "kits" and projects that I just HAD to have last year. Herein lies the challenge. For each kit/project that I finish before October 29th (when we leave for the quilt show this year) I can buy another project. But I am going to hold myself to the fact that if I do not finish any that I bought last year...I can't buy any new ones this year.

I'll post photos as I finished the kits (must get right one this can't imagine going to the Houston International Quilt Show and not be able to buy anything)