Melted Vinyl and Angelina Beads- Houston Quilt Show

Three beads that I made from the starter kit.  

While in Houston at the quilt show, there was a lady who had the most exquisite necklace on.  A real conversation piece.  She told me that a woman a few booths down taught her how to make them at another show that they both had booths at a few months prior.  She said that if I asked the vendor nice she might also teach me how to make them.  

The beads are not as pretty in the photo as they are in person.  The bead kit had the supplies to make lots of beads, but unfortunately the smell of the melting vinyl was a little to much for me.  I am the kind of person who is really sensitive to smells though so it may not bother someone else.  To make the beads you wrap the angelina sheets around the vinyl and heat it with a heat gun in a VERY well ventilated area.  You can use either black vinyl as I did in the photo or clear vinyl.

I am going to use the clear piece of vinyl to make a new badge holder and will use the extra sheets of angelina in some ATC.