Landscape Quilt - May Mini Quilt

May Mini-Quilt
This quilt was too much fun to make.  Wish I could say that I followed the pattern directions...well maybe next time.  Many patterns I buy because I like the photo of the finished quilt on the front.  From there I like to interpret the image into something that is my own.  Being a huge fan of mixed media this pattern was a perfect opportunity to add dimension and texture.  
The base of the quilt is a Kaufman all over beige print fabric.  From there I added layers of outdoor textured fabrics from the top (sky) to the bottom (water and rocks). Each layer was fused down and when the entire base fabric was full I pressed the fabrics, placed a piece of hobbs batting behind and then began to thread paint the quilt.  Starting from the waterfall I thread painted to look like falling water then crashing waves as the bottom.  Each little fabric panel was thread painted according to the textured print in the fabric.  The rocks where thread painted like rocks..etc.

After all the thread painting was done, I added silk roving to the bottom of the waterfall and into the sky by felting then free motion stitching.  Once the roving was on the waterfall I added transparent blue tule over the waterfall to make it shimmer.  Then onto my favorite part, the rocks.  The upper rocks were made by painting then melting recycled tyvek envelopes.

This would make a fantastic class as it uses lots of different techniques, feet, decorative threads, and free motion thread painting.