How to recycle old towels - Sew Green Project

Ever wonder what to do with the older towels in your bathroom.  You hate to throw them away just because they are not a plush, have some worn areas and may even have a few holes or bleach stains. Here are a few ways to breathe some new life into an old towel.

If the towel is not "damaged" just old looking, consider trying the following:
Serge all four sides of the towel with decorative threads.
Sew a fabric border across the bottom of the towel.
Add machine embroidery designs.
If you really just do not want it any more donate it to charity or your local SPCA  or animal shelter they always need towels and old blankets for dog beds.
Use a dye such as rite and dye the towel a new color that might match your new theme better.

If the towel is damaged, consider trying the following:
Cut the towel into hand towels or face cloths.  Then you can add embellishments suggested above.
Cut the towel and make rags to clean your home or car.
Cut into long strips, braid, and knot to make puppy chew toys.
Make baby or adult bibs.
Make a door mat for your dog, so when it rains you can dry off their paws.
Make a portable baby changing pad for to make diaper changes in public places.