How to use command keys on a MAC

My DH was so kind and bought me a MacBook Pro for my birthday/6th anniversary.  It was a TOTAL surprise.  Not only because I did not know I was getting a new computer but also that I was going to embark on a new quest for knowledge.  To be honest I did not really know what the difference was between a PC and Mac other than that the Mac was supposed to have some cool features that a PC did not and that it was supposed to be faster.  I like fast!

Well let me tell you...the learning curve is HUGE!  Boy are they different.  All of the command keys are different and the ports are different and almost NONE of the PC software works on a Mac.  But with the MacBook Pro it has some kinda dual processor that you can run PC programs on the Mac.  Don't get me lying about that though I am not that far into my journey...they loaded on all the programs, but there is only so much time in a day to play with the computer...I do have ART to make...

Each day I have vowed to learn one new thing about the Mac until I am a PRO.

Top 10 things I learned about the Mac today:  Command Keys
1.  command N - Opens new window.  Can't tell you how happy I am to find this.  I have been wicked frustrated trying to only use one window at a time.  Each time I clicked on safari to take me to a new place it kicked me out of the website I was in. YAY- Mystery Solved... Back to multi-tasking.
2.  command S - Save as function.  I love to play with clip art and have been going crazy because with my PC I could right click and save pictures or print them out but there does not seem to be a right click on the Mac.
3. command I- You can email the contents of a page...very cool!
4. command A- Enables you to select all.
5. command X- You can cut
6. command C - You can copy
7. command V - You can paste- again so happy to find these.  I had figured out after some playing that I could use the top menu and edit copy but that was a pain and not as time efficient.
8.  command + - Make text larger
9. command  -  Make text smaller
10.  command D - Add bookmark