Lovejoy ISD- PTA and PTSA Reflections Program 2009

As a mother of three children in the Lovejoy ISD, a member of the PTA and PTSA and a fiber artist. I am so wicked excited about this years reflection program.

The theme is-"Beauty Is..."

Last year Drew's and Maddie's pieces were chosen to be on exhibit at the Wylie high school. We always encourage the kids to participate in the PTA's reflections program. Our kids are mostly involved in visual arts, but the reflections program also has categories for Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, and Photography.

You can read about Texas PTA's reflection programs on their website . It is a really wonderful program to encourage kids to participate in the arts.

Hart Elementary and Lovejoy High School Deadline is November 2, 2009. Will be sure to post photos of what the kids make this year if they bring them home first.