The Pond Series of Fabric Postcards

The pond postcards started out as a simple batik postcard for an exchange. The background was a deep purple batik and the leaf was a deep yellow-green that has little frogs.
Even though less is usually more, it needed something. I started with dark open netting over the top. Auditioned several colors only to remember that I bought a piece of stunning blue shear fabric with vibrant shimmering lime dragon flies. (One of those have to have but NO idea what you are going to use it for.)
Placed it over the top and you could not see the beautiful batik fabrics underneath. It was not shear enough. So I free motion stitched one down and then cut away the "extra" blue sheer fabric to show the leave under.
LOVE the effect.
Finished off the edges with a green embroidery floss mixed with a green hollowshimmer thread. Bit of trouble stitching both at the same time, but took it slow and stayed with it. Totally worth it. The edges are awesome!