Dallas Quilt Show Challenge Postcards

by Tonya Littmann
Denton, Texas

by Susan Pierce
Liverpool, England

by Sue Balchak
Adelanto, CA

By Stacia Smyth
Marrysville, Washington

by Sandra Just
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

by Peggy Reynolds
Oxford, Florida

by Paula Page
Garner, North Carolina
by Pamela Renfro
El Segundo, California
by Pam Nixon
Waynesboro, Virginia

by Joan Levin
Hunt Valley, Maryland
By Gloria Schurman
Ferndale, Michigan
by Ina Ericson
Richardson, Texas
by Diana Hale
Auburn, California
by Deb Poole
Wheeling, Illinois
by Amy Selmanoff
Baltimore, Maryland

by DAnna Lawson
Templeton, California
by Cynthia Phelan
Greenwood, Arkansas
by Carol Hansen
Nashville, Tennessee

We received over 30 dallas quilt show challenge postcards. Each postcard was made from the same 4 fabrics. Other fabrics could be added. No patterns were provided we wanted the artists to feel free to use what ever inspired them. I have lots more to post. Will finish taking the photos and post the rest of the postcards on Thursday morning.

In random order here are the postcards received.