Sewing Room Re-Design

As you can probably tell from reading any of my websites I LOVE Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine and Quilting Arts Magazine. After reading one of their latest publications "Studios" my sewing studio HAD to go through yet another redesign. If you have not read the issue yet, its really worth the read! It was wonderful to take a peek into the artists sewing rooms/studios...I am so nosey. You can see my latest sewing room renovations and reorganization photo's at the bottom of this post. My sewing room has really evolved as my sewing business/art has evolved. As you can see from the first photos the sewing room was built by my dad from an extra storage space in our home. At the time the twins were really young and I needed a place to sew/work that would also keep my machines and tools away from the kids.
Sewing Room Construction (Originally posted years ago on our family site
The construction and redesign the sewing room has gone though many transformations over the last few years as it has become less of a manufacturing room (when I made over 40 shopping cart covers a week, uggh my fingers hurt thinking about it.) to more of a design studio (as I ramped up the pattern design part of my company then to the design and mixed media art studio that it is today.
Original sewing Room - Photos of the sewing room in 2005 when it was bare and ship those covers and nap mats.
2006 Sewing Room - When we moved from manufacturing (hired a lot of it out to other stay at home moms to free up time to design more sewing patterns.

Allison Ray 2007 Sewing Studio Design - I'll never be the same after discovering art quilting! Joined Dallas Area Fiber Artists, Dallas Stampers, Fiber Art Traders and Started Postcard Pizzazz. My husband stopped telling people that I was a seamstress and started telling people that his wife is a fiber artist.
December 24, 2007 I made one of the best decisions ever! I went out to pick up some Christmas Eve snacks and came home with Benjamin instead. Who need snacks when you have a an adorable puppy! Benjamin is the cutest, most patient, loving Chihuahua ever. People tell me all the time they can't believe he is not a nippy, snippy, yappy dog. He is just a doll. Benjamin lays in his bed while I sew and once in a while I'll make him a new Jacket or vest and he just eats up the attention. What a ham. The only dog I have ever seen that will let me fit him with a paper pattern then let me try on a jacket until it fits perfectly.